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Bong releases new silicone bracelet (Chi whiz ring)

Edit: Shenzhen Jiamei Lihua Technology Co.,Limited Date: Dec 18, 2015

Bong's first do is silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet into upgrading to a smart watch and then into silicone smart bracelet!

In December 1, Bong released has bong2s new heart rate intelligent hand ring, the hand ring has red orange blue silver five a version (not Shang figure this paragraph OH), used of is colorful metal a poses design, hand ring of subject used silicone material, silicone hand ring built-in has battery, gravity sensor and vibration motor mainly composition, operation simple, measurement more accurate, can automatically recognition wearing who of movement and sleep state, and can according to State to out related of health recommends!

From the market side, developed the electronics industry, silicone smart bracelet to low prices, high technology lead the industry, is a very good investment projects, Oh! Looking friends silicone bracelet manufacturers may wish to look at Terry! Finally small make up here to tell you all, this bong2s bracelet priced at 99!

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