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Business preferred radiation mobile phone housing

Edit: Shenzhen Jiamei Lihua Technology Co.,Limited Date: Dec 18, 2015

Now cell phones becoming more and more popular, people know more and more about cell phone radiation hazards, cell phones began to love but fear. In Jiangxi of King Mr recently compared busy, because he of third home anti-radiation phone shell shop to opened has, with questions, we reporter also is found has King Mr, "I of business has been is fire, because I of sold of phone shell anti-radiation effect is obviously, many to buy had phone shell of friends also can with relatives and friends to purchase, so I to development to three home shop. "Mr Wang told reporters!

Why Mr King had sales of radiation effects is so good? He told reporters "I the distribution of mobile shell is the world's leading technology can effectively absorb and eliminate electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone spare and the heat energy is converted to harmless, can also enhance the cell phone signal! "As sales of mobile phone shell which is produced by manufacturers, Wang chose to remain confidential.

Reporters came to the store to see Mr Wang, hundreds of stylish mobile phone shells, each are very attractive, Wang said: "every phone shell is made of natural silicone and PC processing by, environmental-friendly, but also very durable, which ensures the safety of mobile phone also improves the appearance of the phone. ”

Indeed, radiation cell phone has a good foundation, and is a good choice for many entrepreneurs, low cost, bringing high profits.

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