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Sakata silicone products factory direct were investigated and dealt with a large number of the emissions!

Edit: Shenzhen Jiamei Lihua Technology Co.,Limited Date: Dec 18, 2015

Recently, Shenzhen received a number reports from the Environmental Protection Department, to investigate the Sakata silicone products factory! Environmental protection officers learned, not only the unauthorized production of the factory, but also a lot of exhaust gas emitted, seriously affecting people's daily lives, was the crowd several times to report, the impact was evil of child abuse!

Sakata environmental protection Branch staff to investigate the Panel, go deep among the masses to provide clues to address, to the silicone products factory, found at the scene, the plant without approval, unauthorized opening operation, silicone products processing, place a lot of mechanical equipment and directly emit large amounts of exhaust gases! In this regard, the environmental protection law enforcement officials to investigate and deal with the modified silicone products factory, closed.

Little from the Editor: the Environmental Protection Department should be expanded to promote environmental knowledge, enhance public awareness of environmental protection, for the timely reporting of environmental pollution, giving the public a better environment!

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