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Enterprise Upgrade Silicone Bottle-raised Chinese Mother's Shopping Spree

Edit: Shenzhen Jiamei Lihua Technology Co.,Limited Date: Dec 18, 2015

December 2015, a well-known bottle-Enterprise comprehensive upgrade products to silicone bottle, after upgrading the overall use food-grade silicone material, changed the traditional bottle-glass and plastic materials are commonly used. Properties of silica gel bottle in super soft, skin-like texture, China will once again set off MOM's shopping spree!

Silicone bottles

Upgraded silicone bottle, major changes a baby's Visual and tactile, major changes in the diameter of the bottle, but also controlled nipple discharge to meet the baby's feeding needs of different, bottle after polishing, wear-resistant, dust-free, economical, baby when you touch the bottle baby-friendly EQ development!

Silicone bottle imported food grade silicone material, safe no smell, easy to clean! If you need custom silicone bottles or other products, might as well come to us!

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