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Folding Keyboard Can Be Used As A Coaster?

Edit: Shenzhen Jiamei Lihua Technology Co.,Limited Date: Dec 18, 2015

Of science and technology, has brought more and more convenient, from the United States of a design team developed a keyboard, this keyboard is the biggest feature is free to fold, water and dirt proof, built-in battery Bluetooth, perfect for going out.

Silicone mat

Silicone Keyboard silicone material as a whole, are free to fold into the bag, if necessary, can also be taken out when the silicone mat used, overall the keyboard light, traditional keyboards percussion sounds easy to influence others, is flexible keyboard silicone, soft feeling, no sound.

Flexible keyboard is wireless, using the Bluetooth configuration is compatible with Android, Apple, WINDS three main systems with built-in batteries, fully charged case for as long as 8 hours of continuous use!

Silicone Keyboard

This keyboard is designed for folding, course design has taken into account at the beginning of folding keys and buttons overlap, so you will find that this keyboard is interleaved between the folding button, so fold thickness and decreased a lot!

Silicone keypad

Some say silicone keyboard will affect the user's typing speed, tested, in fact is the difference between normal keyboard typing speed and not, how? Does it feel?

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